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Carbon 2012 Speaker information

Oral Presentations

  • The Auditorium Maximum is a purpose built facility with technical staff and procedures in place to ensure smooth running of large conferences with many speakers. These procedures are different from those used at some other conferences, so you should read these notes carefully.
  • The conference language for all presentations is English. It is important that the person giving the talk has adequate English language skills to be able to present the paper and answer questions.    Simultaneous translation will not be provided.
  • The time allocated for oral presentations is 20 minutes, giving 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. The time allocated for keynote presentations is 30 minutes, giving 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion. Presentations will be kept strictly to time to allow delegates to move between parallel sessions.
  • Your presentation must not be overtly commercial in context and any company and product names should only be used in a relevant context.
  • All oral presenters should meet their session chair in the room where they are scheduled to present 20 minutes before the start of the session.

   Visual Aids for oral presentations

  • PowerPoint 2010 will be the only method of presentation available for this conference. PDFs will be accepted; however a PowerPoint version is preferable.
  • All presentations are to be loaded onto the central conference centre networked computer system before you are due to present (see later). Please contact the speaker pre-view room for queries.
  • Speakers will have control of their presentation from the podium via a SLIDE FORWARD and SLIDE BACKWARD button, but will NOT have direct access to the computer via a mouse. Centre technical staff can assist with any special requests such as showing embedded or separate video files. Such requests should be made at Speaker Preview (see later).
  • The conference centre computers use Windows 7 (including PowerPoint). Mac powerpoint presentations can also be accepted, but Mac users should provide a PDF version as well.
  • Please ensure that each slide is clear and does not contain too much information.
  • If including video clips in your presentation, please supply the video clip and PowerPoint file in the same folder.  It is also very strongly recommended that you send the files ahead of time to allow for checks to be made prior to the live presentation.
  •  Please do not try to show too many slides during your presentation.  Aim to show one slide for every 60-90 seconds.

 Where to submit your presentation?

Presentations must be pre-loaded in advance and should be uploaded in the „Speaker Preview Room”.  This must be done the day before the presentation on-site. Speakers on Monday should check their presentations at Speaker Preview room when registering on Sunday afternoon.

Speakers will NOT be able to load their presentations in the room where they are scheduled to present just before their session as the Centre uses a central system and does not have computers in every room.

  • What is Speaker Preview room? Speaker preview is a central speaker check in area. It allows speakers to submit and review their presentation materials with AV technicians in a relaxed and calm environment
  • Speaker Preview room.  This will open on Sunday 17th June from 16:00 – 20:00 for speakers to check their presentations, make amendments if necessary and give any special instructions, for example on playing videos.  The Speaker Preview room will be open from 08:00 to 18:00 each day during the conference week.  Due to the high volume of speakers please note this room is likely to be extremely busy at times; especially during coffee breaks and lunches at the beginning of the week. You may be advised to return to the speaker preview room at a later time.

Thank you for the work you are putting into this presentation which will contribute to make this conference a success.

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